Split-Dalmatia aria

Starting from 1 January 2008. years after the implementation of spatial planning and construction have moved into the jurisdiction of the Administrative Department for Spatial Planning in addition to the major cities of Split and Kastela where these tasks are performed by city agencies. These tasks are related to the issuance of the following documents:

• location permits
• the decision on building conditions
• Resolution on establishing a building plot
• confirmation of the subdivision surveys
• confirmation of the main
• decisions on built state and the as-built condition
• use permits and approvals for the use of
• Confirmation of the condominium conversion of buildings
• other documents under the jurisdiction of the department

The Department works in the headquarters in Split, Bihaćka 1, 3 floor (for the Podstrana, Solta, Prgomet, Littoral and Doca Lećevica), and in turns: Hvar, Imotski, Makarska, Omis, Sinj, Solin, Supetar, Split, Vis and Vrgorac.
Working hours with clients: Monday and Wednesday 8-12 pm.


The document that you will first need is an excerpt from the cadastre plan for the parcel of land on which you intend to build with marked adjacent parcels and buildings constructed on them.
This preris will carry off the utilities of the city or municipality in whose area the land is situated, and there you will at the appropriate spatial, urban or detailed plan to determine whether on the land you can build and what kind of object.
After that you will choose a certified designer who will create a preliminary design of the building as you would like to build in accordance with the provisions of the plan.

REQUEST submission

Requirements for issuing certificates, resolutions, certificates, or permits, and amendments to pleadings, and appeals, complaints and objections to the documents issued shall be made to the registry office of the external branch of the department or by mail to the address of each Branch.
For department administrative office in Split is located in the building of Split-Dalmatia County at Split, war 2, Ground floor, left.
The office of the Branch may get application forms that are specially prepared for the type of document (license) required. The form must contain details of the applicant, address and telephone contact. He also stated that the basic documentation is to be enclosed with the application depending on the type of document being requested. Moreover, given the amount of fees which must be paid when filing.
For the department in Split application forms can be obtained by the protocol department at the Management Split, Bihaćka 1 / 3.
If a party is represented by counsel shall be accompanied by a written power of attorney and the address of the proxy. If the party through the administrative office shall supplement, but receipt of the application, indicate the number of classes under which the case is kept.
Upon receipt of the application will determine the official who will conduct the procedure of issuing building conditions as prescribed in Articles 209th through 222 Building Act.
If your application is incomplete Officer will determine the appropriate time limit within which it will supplement the required documents. You are advised to follow the deadlines because otherwise your request will be denied. At your request we can extend the left and deadlines.


The construction of buildings with gross area not exceeding 400m2 can start after obtaining a final decision on the conditions of construction (residential, commercial residential, commercial buildings, garages, ancillary buildings, canopies). The same applies to a building used for agricultural activities solely to the gross area of ​​600m2. Gross building area is the sum of the surface of ground plans of all floors building (basement, ground floor, floors, attic) building the full value of the surface including a loggia, terrace, balcony to the external measures. The application shall be accompanied by three copies of the preliminary design developed by an engineer licensed in the appropriate discipline in accordance with the spatial plan and proof of ownership of land on which it is planned gradnja.Dokazom property is considered a land registry certificate which shows that the applicant owns the land or has entered right to build on the parcel on which it intends to build. Also, as the evidence may provide a valid purchase contract, a final court decision on the acquisition of ownership of real estate or inheritance ruling, then the contract for construction or other document which shows that the investor has the right to build on a particular building lot.

Location permit and confirmation of the main

For all buildings except for buildings up to 400m2 gross floor area, and agricultural buildings to 600m2 gross floor area shall be issued a location permit.
Location permit is an administrative act which is determined by urban elements for the activity planned in the area, and the procedure is carried out according to Articles 103 to 118 Building Act.

Is determined in particular:
shape and size of the building plot, purpose and dimensions of buildings, number of apartments or office space in the building and its contents, conditions of connection to the road, the plot (parking lots, green areas), the method of connection to the utility infrastructure (electricity grid, water supply and drainage, telecommunications, etc.), then accommodation ancillary buildings on the land, environmental protection, etc., depending on the type of object that is intended to build.
The application shall be accompanied by an extract of the cadastral plan, three copies of the preliminary design made of certified engineers in the appropriate discipline as well as proof of legal interest.
Legal interest may be pre-purchase the property, the consent of the owner of the building plot to the applicant or the like. At the stage of issuance of building permits the applicant must not have resolved the question of ownership in its entirety.
Upon receipt of your complete request, the clerk who takes your case will call the authorities or persons designated by special regulations (eg HEP, Water, Sanitary Inspection, Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Fire Protection, Croatian Roads, etc. depending on the object that is intended to build) The insight into the conceptual design for the issuance of special requirements of their jurisdiction. Insight into the preliminary design must be attended by the applicant and designer to give reasons.
The preliminary design should be fully aligned with the special conditions set forth in the terms to be determined in the proceedings or the request will be denied.
After adjustment of the project site permit is issued.
Location permit is not approved by the building, but the final building permits necessary to obtain confirmation of the main project.
Confirmation of the main act is the indirect confirming the main project and approve the construction of the project confirmed (Articles 223rd to 227th Building Act).
The application shall be accompanied by a final (final) site permit, three copies of the main projects developed in accordance with development permit, certified parcelation study, which was formed by building particles and evidence that the investor has the right to build on a particular building lot.
For more complex structures in addition to the above must be accompanied by reports on the control of the project, a certificate of validation, studies of technical research, as the chief designer warn investors.
In the process of issuing this certificate confirms that the main design was completed in accordance with development permit, the provisions of the Act, the municipal building plot fitted to a certain level (prescribed by special regulations) and is accompanied by all required documentation.

Reconstruction of a building

Reconstruction of the building are considered to be interventions in the existing building that changes shape, size or purpose of the building, and change the material conditions for the building as an example of constructive interventions, significant changes to installations and equipment in the building, the impact on thermal protection or impact on the fire load.
These are mainly operations dograđivanja, upgrading, removing the outer part of the building, change of use of the facility or in its entirety, and the like.
The term of the existing building is considered to be legally constructed buildings based on building permits or other appropriate document, building for which the use permit or building that was built in the 15th February 1968. year.
What is required to obtain permits for the reconstruction of a building
If the reconstruction of the building gets a total gross floor area up to 400m2 (gross area of ​​existing and new areas) is necessary to seek a solution to building conditions.
If the reconstruction of buildings gets higher than 400m2 should be asked the location permit, and then confirm the main project.

Legalisation already built BUILDINGS

If the building is constructed or reconstructed without the proper permits issued by the solution of the derivative status or the as-built condition, depending on the size (gross floor area) of the building.
Prior to issuance of the as-built condition is necessary to obtain a location permit (Articles 241st to 248th Building Act).
These acts can only be issued if the construction was carried out in accordance with the applicable spatial plan, otherwise your request will be denied.
Before issuing derivative condition and the as-built condition, in addition to regular administrative fee an investor pays a separate administrative fee equal to 50% of the municipal contribution calculated under the special law for the subject building.
The application for the issuance of derivative status (or confirmation) shall be accompanied by three copies of the architectural image built drawings prepared by persons licensed to design and proof that the applicant has the right to build on the land. Architectural survey must be made under the provisions of applicable spatial plan for a specific area and must coincide with the derived condition of the building, otherwise the request will be denied.
When determining the particles for REGULAR use of buildings?
When the existing building has not been established building plot or land necessary for the regular use of plots is carried out by a separate decision on establishing a building plot (Article 121, Building Act).
Determination of building plot is carried out in situations where it is on a cadastral plot built more buildings that do not constitute a functional unit, or if the building is built on a parcel that is greater than necessary for the regular use and such determination shall be necessary for the arrangement of ownership relations.
The decision is made at the request of a party or ex officio, on the basis of spatial planning documents and the rules of the profession.
The application shall be accompanied by an extract of the cadastral and geodetic plan with the proposal of forming the building plot. In the process of decision involved the owner of the land and buildings for which the building plot is determined.


Without special permission may be removed by the gross building area up to 400m2 and 600m2 agricultural buildings to (a building for which a decision on building conditions).
Special permit for removal is not necessary for the case when a building or part thereof removed for construction of new buildings and it is determined that the building permit is approved, or when it ordered the demolition of the building inspection solution.
In other cases it is necessary to seek permission to remove (Art. 273rd and 274th Building Act).
The application shall be accompanied by three copies of the removal project designed by a certified engineer, proof of ownership of the building which is intended to remove. In the process of issuing permits for the removal of the building official shall notify the applicant of the body which certificate shall be obtained if the demolition of a building can hurt the public interest (protection of cultural resources, environmental protection, municipal infrastructure, etc.).

WHAT IS AND HOW TO STUDY Subdivision shall be certified?

Once issued site permit, a decision on building conditions, or the decision on determination of the building plot is required for the newly formed particle, prior to confirmation of the main develop parcelation study (Article 119 and 120 Building Act).
Subdivision studies can make a person made that carry the trade name of "licensed surveyor".
Subdivision feasibility study before the implementation of the cadastre of land must be certified by this body that is made in accordance with the above regulations (location permit, a detailed plan ...).

WHO licensed engineer and what are their powers?

Law on the Croatian Chamber of Licensed Architects and Engineers designed the way of acquiring the rights to the trade name of a licensed architect or licensed engineer in the field of architecture, civil engineering, surveying, engineering and electrical engineering.
Person who has acquired the right to professional title authorized for design and implementation of quality assurance in the construction in accordance with his profession.
An architect who has such authority prepares preliminary, main and detailed design, and is responsible for the compliance of such projects with site development permit and the law (Building Act).
Chartered Engineers are entitled to carry out supervision (supervising engineer) to investors and are responsible to the construction performed in accordance with the issued decision on the conditions of construction and approval of the main project. In conducting the inspection shall control the observance of laws, regulations and norms in the construction industry.
Therefore, when collecting the documentation to obtain some of the permits, projecting to qualified chartered engineer, and prior to commencement of works, specify the supervisory engineer who will control whether the construction is performed according to professional standards and in accordance with the law.


Construction can be accessed by the final decision on building conditions and the permit is (for the structures of the gross floor area over 400 m2).
Works the investor must trust people who are authorized to perform construction activities.
The investor has to entrust tasks of conducting quality assurance during construction certificated engineer.
Prior to commencement of works must be reported to commencement of works.
The application shall be submitted in writing, the body which issued the permit, a building inspection and the inspection work and to eight days before the start of construction or extension of the works after the interruption longer than three months. This is an obligation prescribed by Article 249 Building Act.
The application must contain information about the investor, the number and issue date of the act upon which the approval for the construction contractor and the name and designation of the marking out.

On-site investor must have:
• a decision on conditions for construction and preliminary design, which is an integral part of the solution
• Main project is made of certified engineers in accordance with the approved resolution
• marking out survey prepared by qualified surveyors

For objects larger than 400m2 gross floor area on site should have:
• confirm the main design
• Detailed Design
• marking out survey
• other documents under Art. 254th Building Act and shall notify the investor supervising engineer.

Site shall be secured and fenced and marked plate (tag), which include information about the investor, the type of buildings, data issued on the act by which the construction is approved, the designer, contractor and supervisory engineer.


The construction must be carried out in accordance with the approved documentation, preliminary design, which was approved by a decision on conditions for construction or capital project approved confirmation of the main project.
If during the construction plan to make changes in relation to the approved project is required to seek modification of the decision on conditions for construction or modification confirming the main project. Pending proceedings in case of changes during construction is set out in Article 233 and 234 Building Act.
If the building changes the investor should request the change of investors. New investor shall submit proof that he has the right to build (the document by which he gained the right of ownership or building) which is a ruling.

What to do by the end of construction and how to register BUILDINGS land registers and cadastral?

For buildings that have been issued building permit is not required to obtain a permit, but it can be used after the investor body that issued the decision of the supervisory engineer submitted a report on the performance of the building.
Buildings for which the certificate is issued capital projects can be used after it issues a certificate of occupancy.
Exceptionally, for the facilities constructed under a building permit that was issued 20/06/1991. to 1.10.2007. years instead of the use permit at the request of the investor or owner of the building may be issued a certificate of use of building (Article 333 Building Act). In the process determines whether the water is subject to building inspection process and has been constructed based on building permits in terms of external dimensions, purpose and placement on the land application is enough to provide a valid construction permit, and after checking that no proceedings building inspection, Officer in charge of resolving the matter to be carried out an investigation to verify compliance with the building construction permit and depending on the specified certificate.

The process of issuing a use permit is as follows:
• submits an application which must attach a copy of building permits or certificates of the main project, as well as any amendments permit
• data on participants in the construction of (investor, designers, contractors, supervising engineer)
• a written statement about the artist derivative works (along with a statement attached to the contractor on the achievement of the quality of evidence, certifications testing the quality of materials, supplies, etc.)
• final report of the supervisory engineer on the performance of buildings
• on the day of technical inspection, in addition to the above, should be obtained by taking geodesic design of the actual situation (Uris building) which is a part of the study verified cadastral surveyor's office.

Officer conducting the proceedings determined during the technical review and appoint members of the committee that conducted technical review. On completion inspection shall be issued occupancy permit if the commission gave the opinion that the building can begin to use, otherwise it sets a deadline for elimination of deficiencies.
The process of issuing a use permit is set out in Articles 257th to 267th Building Act:
Recording of buildings in the cadastral and land registration will be conducted if the building use permit, or the report of the supervisory engineer for buildings for which a building permit. This provision is contained in Article 268th Building Act.
Registration building in cadastral surveying performed by the State Administration, Regional Office for Cadastre in Split, a land registration Municipal Court in Split, the Land Registry Department.
Buildings built in the 15th February 1968. was considered to be constructed on the basis of building permits for such facilities shall not be issued occupancy permits. Enroll in the cadastral and land registry based on the belief that they were built before that date (Article 330 Building Act).
For buildings constructed on the basis of building permits issued to 19 June 1991. was not issued a certificate of occupancy, and are entered in the cadastral documentation that came with a valid license and a certificate that does not lead the process of building inspections (331 Building Act).