Legalisation of the object

What is the legalization of the facility?

Legalisation of the object is obtaining an appropriate decision (ruling on the state derivative) which illegally constructed building legalized.

In the process of legalization of illegally constructed buildings Act applies to the handling of illegally constructed buildings (NN 90/2011), which entered into force 10.08.2011.g.

The application for adjudication of derivative status may be submitted to 31.12.2012.g. The decision on the built state by the competent administrative body of the local self-government under the Law on Physical Planning and Construction performs issuing documents related to the implementation of spatial planning and construction.

Why legalize it?

By legalizing it allows recording of buildings in the cadastral operate and land registration and connection to municipal infrastructure, power grid and other infrastructure.

If the object is not legalized will not be able to spend a condominium, a division of property, reconstruction and upgrading, and such an object can not be the subject of sale and the land on which it is located.

Conditions for the legalization of illegally constructed buildings

First New or reconstructed buildings of the existing building was built without an enabling act authorizing the construction or in contravention of this Act, shall be recorded on a digital orthophoto map (DOF5) National Geodetic drawn based on aerial photogrammetric recording of RH 21 June 2011th

Second Illegally built property can be constructed in accordance with the spatial plan which is valid on the date of entry into force of this Act and may be constructed in contravention of the spatial plan which is valid on the date of entry into force of this Act.

Third If the illegally constructed buildings contrary to the spatial plan, then to the building can not legislate over two floors, of which the second floor, unless the decision of the representative body of local self-government does not set a larger number of nodes.

Illegally constructed buildings can not be validated, if on the surface of existing public buildings or maritime property or water resources.

Request for issuance of built state the applicant submitted:

First Certified geodesic study to record data on buildings
Second Three copies of the architectural image, made by a licensed architect
Third Evidence of fulfilled the essential requirement of mechanical resistance and stability that is authorized by Civil Engineer
4th The decision on registration in the register (when the application was submitted by a legal person)
5th Evidence for the purpose of calculating compensation for unlawful detention constructed buildings in the area (an excerpt from the Land Registry or other relevant evidence that he has the right to build - court decision, contract, agreement by the co-owners, the evidence on the time of construction)
6th The belief of the police department notified the place of residence of the applicant until 21 June, 2011. years (proof of the purpose of reducing the amount of compensation for the illegal buildings constructed exclusively for residential purposes, building area up to 400m2, which is not the first položajnoj zone and that is the only property of the applicant in the Republic or for illegally constructed buildings exclusively for the purpose of carrying out agricultural activities
7th Special geodetic (exceptionally, when in the process of issuing built state determines the shape and size of construction lot merger entire cadastral parcels which are located illegally constructed buildings, if these particles according to the Land Registry owned by the same person).

Legalization of the house

Fees when issuing built state

The applicant shall, before issuing derivative able to pay compensation for unlawful detention building built in the area.

Regulation on compensation for the retention of illegally constructed buildings in the area (pdf)

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