Act on the legality of the facility

Constructed by 15 February 1968. YEAR

If the building was built in the 15th February 1968. was considered to be constructed on the basis of a final building permit.

Cadastral Office shall issue a certificate of time recording engineer on the basis of information available to it and which is considered proof that a building built in the 15th February 1968. year.

If the cadastral office does not have the necessary data, then the belief of the time of building construction issued by the competent administrative authority based on the current situation of the building and copies of cadastral plans with ukartiranom building, or on the basis
blueprints of the actual state of the constructed buildings on the parcel.
Constructed to 19 June 1991. YEAR

If the building is constructed on the basis of building permits, or other appropriate decision by the issued and 19 June 1991. it is necessary to:

final building permits and certificates in connection with the mansion in the process of building inspections

Constructed from the 20th June 1991. To 1 October 2007. YEAR

If the building is constructed on the basis of building permits issued on 20 June 1991. to 1 October 2007. The competent administrative authority shall issue

certificate for use

Constructed OF 1 October 2007. YEAR

To enter the building at the cadastral operate after the new Law on Spatial Planning and Construction Act, which applies from 1 October 2007. year, is required:

Certificate of occupancy - the building for which a building permit
The final report of the supervisory engineer
- For facilities for which a decision on building conditions.

These documents must not be older than 6 months.
Why is it important to enter a house in the cadastre and land registry?

House or building, except as to legal obligations, it is necessary to track the buying and selling ("plain paper"), the legalization of property, mortgages, at the residence registration, etažiranja (buildings with 2 or more dwellings).
The house is registered in the cadastre, but not in the land register. What you need to enter a house in the land register?

To enter the house in the land register is necessary to prepare a study for
adjustment of land with cadastral situation,
in which is enclosed and proper documentation (proof of the legality of the building) on ​​the basis that the house was built.

Houses built without a building permit

If a house is built without a building permit is necessary to hire engineers who will conduct the legalization and deductions will be able to continue the procedure for entering the house.


Study for the recording engineer - to create elaborate geodetic surveyors measured approach to building and boundary lines, then on the basis of measurements into account the coordinates of points and mapping them to one of the CAD program.

Entry object in the cadastre

Such data can fit into a copy of the cadastral plan and prepares documentation for the study: sketch of survey, registration papers for cadastre and land registration, etc.

Made a study is submitted for review and verified by the cadastral office.

After reviewing and implementing the study in the land, the new state is recorded in the cadastral operate.

Then Cadastral Office shall ex officio application form for land registration land registry (Land Registry) where the change is recorded on the subject parcels, but the ownership situation remains unchanged.

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