Split, Split Shop
Split, Sukoišan, ugostiteljski objekt, prodaja

Area: 84,00 m² Price kn: 1.932.208,20 Price € : 260.000,00 € Room number: 3 Floor: gf+hgf/5

We mediate in the sale of office space with a total area of 58m2 plus 26m2 of gallery, which is located in a small apartment building in Split in the area of Sukošan.

It is currently in the function of a catering facility but given its excellent location it can be converted and ...


Omiš, Omiš Restaurant
Omiš, restoran, poslovni prostor, centar, prodaja, PRILIKA!!

Area: 70,00 m² Price kn: 2.080.839,60 Price € : 280.000,00 € Room number: 3 Floor: gf+fir

We mediate in the sale of catering facility in the center of Omis.

Omis, a beautiful Dalmatian town with positive reviews from satisfied tourists.

Renovated tavern opened in 1956 is located in the old part of town, fully equipped, as such it is for sale.

Terraces ...


Split, Poljud Restaurant
Split, Poljud, poslovni prostor, prodaja

Area: 900,00 m² Price kn: 6.019.571,70 Price € : 810.000,00 € Room number: 2 Floor: bas

We mediate the sale of office space in Split, Poljud, in a great location.

The space can be multifunctional: gym, wedding room, furniture lounge, night club, shop, hostel, etc.

Currently, the space is a total of 900 m2 and 3.6 m high, which gives freedom of design ...


Split, Grad Restaurant
Split, Grad, poslovni prostor 30 m2, prodaja

Area: 29,30 m² Price kn: 668.841,30 Price € : 90.000,00 € Room number: 2 Floor: fir

We mediate in the sale of landscaped office space in an office building in the city center, 29,26m2. The ceiling height is 2.80 m.

There is also a small toilet in the space.

Suitable for office, shop, salon, agency, etc.

The advertisement can be clearly seen from ...


Split, Grad Restaurant
Split, Centar, poslovni prostor 48 m2, prodaja

Area: 48,00 m² Price kn: 1.189.051,20 Price € : 160.000,00 € Room number: 2 Floor: gf

We mediate the sale of office space in the city center of Split in a great location.

The premise is located on the ground floor of an apartment building and because of its location can be multi-purpose.

It consists of two rooms, one of which is larger 28.07 m2 and one ...


Split, Mejaši Restaurant
Split, Mejaši, poslovni prostor, prodaja

Area: 22,44 m² Price kn: 408.736,35 Price € : 55.000,00 € Room number: 1 Floor: gf

Split, Grad Restaurant
Split, Centar, poslovni prostor, najam

Area: 126,60 m² Price kn: 14.119.983,00 Price € : 1.900.000,00 € Room number: 2 Floor: gf

Business space on a fantastic location in Split.

The total surface area is 126,60 m2.

It consists of 2 spaces that can be separated either as a whole.

Smaller space has 30 m2.

Larger area has 90 m2.

In a larger space it is possible to create ...


Split, Mertojak Shop
Split, Mertojak, fast food, prodaja

Area: 90,00 m² Price kn: 3.009.785,85 Price € : 405.000,00 € Room number: 3 Floor: gf

The business space is located on a very frequented location in Split, a part of Mertojak.

It consists of a 90m2 interior space, divided into a part for the preparation of bakery products with associated machines, a hygienic node for staff, and a sales part from which is accessed to a ...


Trogir, Čiovo Hotel
Čiovo, hotel s apartmanima, prodaja

Area: 768,00 m² Price kn: 15.606.297,00 Price € : 2.100.000,00 € Room number: 18 Floor: cel+gf+fir+sec

It is an object located in Čiovo on a main beach stretching for about 5 km, where 6000-7000 people are staying in the season, with parking for about 700 cars, as well as all other relevant places. Infrastructure: showers, bars, restaurants, marinas, nautical ports for passengers, shops, post ...


Split, Split 3 catering
Split 3, ugostiteljski objekt, kafić, prodaja

Area: 21,53 m² Price kn: 371.578,50 Price € : 50.000,00 € Room number: 1 Floor: gf

We mediate in the sale of a smaller catering facility in Split3.

It is located on the ground floor of the building, measuring 21.53 m2, west-south orientation.

The business space is in the nature a cafe, equipped with a complete inventory, arranged and maintained.


Split, Meje Hostel
Split, Meje, novouređen hostel, prodaja

Area: 210,00 m² Price kn: 6.316.834,50 Price € : 850.000,00 € Room number: 4 Floor: gf

We mediate the sale of a newly renovated hostel in Split, Meje area, with a total living area of 210m2.

Hostel has a reception, a kitchen, four bedrooms (34 beds) connected by hallways, laundry, bedding, two shared bathrooms (male and female) and a terrace in front of the entrance.

Split, Bol Hostel
Split, Bol, Poslovni prostor, prodaja

Area: 59,00 m² Price kn: 798.001,99 Price € : 107.380,00 € Room number: 1 Floor: gf

We mediate the sale of business space in the area of Bol.

The business space is located on the ground floor in a new building.

Multipurpose business space, 59 m2.

Access to Disabled Persons Secured.

Ideal for office, office, accounting service, ...