Trogir - Okolica, Plano
Trogir okolica, Hotel, Prodaja

Area: 828,00 m² Price kn: 21.158.930,80 Price € : 2.800.000,00 € Room number: 18 Floor: cel+gf+fir+sec+thi/3

We mediate in the sale of a hotel located in a prime location in the vicinity of Trogir.

The hotel has been in business for many years and the customer can take over the entire business and book dates for the upcoming season.

The hotel has 18 rooms, each room has an open ...


Trogir, Čiovo
Čiovo, hotel s apartmanima, prodaja

Area: 768,00 m² Price kn: 15.869.198,10 Price € : 2.100.000,00 € Room number: 18 Floor: cel+gf+fir+sec

It is an object located in Čiovo on a main beach stretching for about 5 km, where 6000-7000 people are staying in the season, with parking for about 700 cars, as well as all other relevant places. Infrastructure: showers, bars, restaurants, marinas, nautical ports for passengers, shops, post ...


Dugi rat, Dugi Rat
Dugi rat, hotel, prodaja

Area: 1.558,00 m² Price kn: 28.715.691,80 Price € : 3.800.000,00 € Room number: 60 Floor: fir+sec+thi+fou+fif+six

Omis Riviera, Dugi Rat, hotel with 60 rooms and restaurant for 300 persons.

The hotel needs to be completed, located in the center of town 250 m from the sea.

It can also be a hotel for singles, a nursing home, etc.

Infrastructure: telephone, internet, ...


Split, Grad
Split, Centar, hotel, restoran, prodaja

Area: 600,00 m² Price kn: 27.204.339,60 Price € : 3.600.000,00 € Room number: 16 Floor: gf+fir+sec+hlo

We mediate in the sale of the hotel in the center of Split. The hotel has 17 rooms with bathrooms and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace.

The property is luxuriously ...


Omiš, Omiš
Omiš, hotel u grubim radovima, prodaja

Area: 2.500,00 m² Price kn: 18.891.902,50 Price € : 2.500.000,00 € Room number: 60 Floor: fir+sec+thi+fou

We mediate in the sale of the hotel in construction in the oasis of the town of Split..

The hotel is located seafront where a beautiful wide sandy beach. On a plot of 3,500 m2, it was built ...


Split, Grad
Split, Centar, Hotel****,1000 m2, prodaja

Area: 1.000,00 m² Price kn: 31.738.396,20 Price € : 4.200.000,00 € Room number: 14 Floor: cel+gf+fir+lof

We mediate the sale of a hotel with a restaurant and a terrace in the city center. The hotel is fully and modernly equipped and furnished.
For more detailed information you need to personally come to the ...


Poreč, Filipini
Istra, Poreč, mali obiteljski hotel***, prodaja

Area: 650,00 m² Price kn: 19.647.578,60 Price € : 2.600.000,00 € Room number: 4 Floor: gf+fir/1

Sales of small family hotel in Porec, which is located at the entrance to a village near the town of Porec, on the land total area of 8,750 m2.

The hotel has four suite ...


Crikvenica, Selce
Selce, hotel na moru 4* , prodaja

Area: 5.000,00 m² Price kn: 60.454.088,00 Price € : 8.000.000,00 € Room number: 60 Floor: gf+fir+sec+thi+fou+fif+six+sev+hlo

Sales of hotel seafront overlooking the sea or park.

The hotel has 60 rooms on 7 floors. Each room has a balcony, most with sea views. Two ...


Milna, Milna
Hotel, Brač, Milna, prodaja

Area: 1.300,00 m² Price kn: 19.572.010,99 Price € : 2.590.000,00 € Room number: 33 Floor: gf+fir+sec+thi/3

Hotel for sale on the island. It is the first line from the sea, on the ...


Pula, Pragrande
Istra, okolica Pule, hotel za prodaju

Area: 618,00 m² Price kn: 26.448.663,50 Price € : 3.500.000,00 € Room number: 18 Floor: gf+fir+sec

Family Hotel (Pula, Istria) is located on the beach. The hotel has 14 rooms and 4 suites, 400 m2 of restaurant which is open all year with a terrace by the sea. It consists of 10 double rooms, 4 studios 2 +2, 4 +2 4 studios. The rooms are comfortable and luxurious, with individual shower / ...


Dugi rat, Jesenice
Krilo Jesenice, hotel

Area: 1.000,00 m² Price kn: 14.357.845,90 Price € : 1.900.000,00 € Room number: 18 Floor: gf+fir+sec+thi

New, established, functional hotel, 10 meters from the sea, 18 rooms, a restaurant, 42 beds. If you have a need for even greater capacity, next to this is a smaller one for sale, with 25 beds.


Orebić, Kučište
Manji turistički kompleks i villa s bazenom

Area: 1.550,00 m² Price kn: 27.204.339,60 Price € : 3.600.000,00 € Room number: 80 Floor: gf+fir+sec+hlo

The total bed capacity and associated facilities of approximately 80 people with a large swimming pool ...