Split, Dragovode Inner parking space
Split, Dragovode, Parkirno mjesto i ostava, prodaja

Area: 25,55 m² Price kn: 110.671,20 Price € : 15.000,00 € Floor: cel

For sale parking space of 25.55 m2, consists of a parking space of 17.5 m2 and storage area of 8 m2.

It is located in a closed garage, it is possible to change it into a garage.

Excellent location, ownership certificate in order.


Split, Brodarica Inner parking space
Split, Brodarica, Dva parkirna mjesta, Prodaja

Area: 23,50 m² Price kn: 173.384,88 Price € : 23.500,00 € Floor: -2/7

We mediate the sale of two parking spaces in the Brodarica area.

They are located in a garage on level -2 in a newly built building in 2006.

Access to the garage by elevator and on foot.

Possibility of buying individually.



Split, Bol Garage
Split, Smiljanićeva, Bol, Garaža, Prodaja

Area: 32,00 m² Price kn: 383.660,16 Price € : 52.000,00 € Floor: thi/5

We mediate in the garage sale at Smiljanićeva Street in Split.

The garage area is 32 m2.

Ownership in order.

More information on cell phone agent!


Kaštela, Kaštel Štafilić Garage
Kaštela, Kaštel Štafilić, garaža, prodaja

Area: 30,00 m² Price kn: 162.317,76 Price € : 22.000,00 € Floor: gf/3

We mediate the sale of a garage that is located in the basement of a smaller residential building located in Kaštel Štafilić.

Ownership neat.


Split, Brda Garage
Split, Brda, garaža, prodaja

Area: 16,00 m² Price kn: 125.427,36 Price € : 17.000,00 € Floor: gf/1

Sale of garage in the area of Brda.

The surface of the garage is 16 m2, asphalt access, possible by car or van.

Electricity and water connections are currently ...


Split, Žnjan Inner garage space

Area: 17,75 m² Price kn: 191.830,08 Price € : 26.000,00 € Floor: -1

We sell garage of 17.75 m2, garage is equipped with electricity more


Split, Bačvice Inner garage space

Area: 23,00 m² Price kn: 258.232,80 Price € : 35.000,00 € Floor: gf

For sale a garage of 23 m2 in the 8 yrs old building on Bačvice.


Split, Dobri Inner garage space
Zatvorena parkirna mjesta u Gundulićevoj u Splitu

Area: 16,00 m² Price kn: 213.964,32 Price € : 29.000,00 € Floor: gf

For sale are 1 parking spaces in an enclosed garage in the capitol street in Split. Parking area of ​​16 m2.