Split, Kila House under construction
Split, Sirobuja, nedovršena dvojna kuća, prodaja

Area: 341,00 m² Price kn: 1.896.299,85 Price € : 255.000,00 € Room number: 9 Floor number : gf+fir+sec

Mediation in the sale of unfinished house in a row, Split, Sirobuja. The property is on three floors of 341 m2 net, on land of 645 m2, with asphalt access and infrastructure.
The house is legalized, there is a possibility of upgrading another floor. The house offers countless opportunities ...


Split, Gripe Detached house
Split, Gripe, stara kuća, mogućnost nadogradnje, prodaja

Area: 170,00 m² Price kn: 3.710.798,53 Price € : 499.000,00 € Room number: 4 Floor number : gf

We mediate the sale of an old detached house in Split, district Gripe.

On the building plot of 317 m2 there is an existing object of 170 m2.

There is a possibility of upgrading, which is an ideal opportunity for reconstruction of a detached house for everyday life.


Split, Meje Luxury house
Split, Meje, luksuzna kuća s bazenom, prodaja

Area: 230,00 m² Price kn: 10.411.058,00 Price € : 1.400.000,00 € Room number: 4 Floor number : gf+fir

We mediate in the sale of a beautiful detached luxury house in Split, district Meje.

The property of a total area of 230 m2 is located on a plot of 500 m2 where there is a swimming pool, barbecue and a nicely decorated garden, full of ornamental plants and greenery. It has secured ...


Split, Duilovo Detached house
Split, Duilovo, Vila u izgradnji, prodaja

Area: 80,00 m² Price kn: 2.825.858,60 Price € : 380.000,00 € Room number: 2 Floor number : gf

We mediate the sale of a small urban villa that is located on an excellent and unique location in Split on the Duilova area.

On a plot of 500 m2 there is a smaller object that needs to be partially edited.

An exceptional location, a quiet neighborhood, an open sea view, an ...


Split, Dobri House with apartments
Split, Grad, Kuća sa vrtom, Prodaja

Area: 200,00 m² Price kn: 4.461.882,00 Price € : 600.000,00 € Room number: 12 Floor number : gf+fir+sec+lof

We mediate the sale of real estate in the very center of Split.

An excellent investment opportunity, in the nature of a house that consists of four separate dwelling units.

An object to be arranged, ideal for an apartment house, hotel, hostel, lux rooms

Property ...


Split, Marjan House under construction
Split, Marjan, novogradnja roh-bau, prodaja

Area: 550,00 m² Price kn: 9.667.411,00 Price € : 1.300.000,00 € Room number: 11 Floor number : cel+gf+fir+sec+lof

We mediate the sale of newbuildings in Split, district Marjan, in roh-bau.


Split, Brda Semi-detached house
Split, Brda, dvojna kuća, prodaja

Area: 42,76 m² Price kn: 818.011,70 Price € : 110.000,00 € Room number: 1 Floor number : gf

We mediate the sale of a double house under construction that is located in Split in the area of Brda.

The property is currently a one bedroom apartment with the possibility of upgrading the first and second ...


Split, Grad apartmant house
Split, Grad, Kuća, Apartmani i poslovni prostor, prodaja

Area: 91,80 m² Price kn: 4.090.058,50 Price € : 550.000,00 € Room number: 3 Floor number : gf+fir+sec+thi/3

Split, Grad apartmant house
Split, Grad, Kuća sa dvorom, prodaja

Area: 93,00 m² Price kn: 2.007.846,90 Price € : 270.000,00 € Room number: 4 Floor number : gf+fir

We mediate the sale of real estate in the center of Split.

The property consists of two floors, ground floor and first floor.

Property of 93 sqm, with the possibility of building a third ...


Split, Grad Stone house
Split, Peristil, kamena kuća, ekskluzivna prodaja

Area: 100,00 m² Price kn: 7.436.470,00 Price € : 1.000.000,00 € Room number: 4 Floor number : gf+fir+sec

We mediate in the sale of a stone house in the center of Diocletian's Palace, more precisely on Vestibulu.

Exclusive house sales consisting of three floors, suitable for renting for tourist ...


Split, Varoš House with apartments
Split, Varoš,apartman, ekskluzivna prodaja

Area: 87,74 m² Price kn: 2.000.410,43 Price € : 269.000,00 € Room number: 2 Floor number : gf+fir

Exclusive sale of house work in Varoš, Split.

Part of the house on two floors with separate entrance.

The ground floor consists of a hallway, a bathroom, a toilet, a room, a dining room, a living room, a ...


Split, Varoš Detached house
Split, Centar, samostojeća kuća, prodaja

Area: 147,00 m² Price kn: 2.082.211,60 Price € : 280.000,00 € Room number: 6 Floor number : 3/0

Sales of detached multi-storey house in the center of Split, district Varos.

The house was built in 1972, and the 2nd and 3rd floor in 2016, with high quality materials, has an EC-C.

The total area on three ...